Monday, 31 August 2015

Grocery Problems and Solutions

I used to love grocery shopping.

Perusing the aisles for new products; selecting healthy choices for my little family. I even used to decide what to cook for the next few days based on which items were on special.

Then I had more children and, honestly, some days even popping out for a basketful of things can become an ordeal. A throw-yourself-on-the-floor-screaming kind of ordeal. NB: Never shop with a tired or hungry child. Never.

Even finding time to do online shopping can be a problem now that the kids are home full-time.

My solution? Is to shop as little as possible.

I plan out my meals for a week to ten days, shop the necessary ingredients and I'm set.

However! Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a vegetable stir-fry on the night I've planned. Or perhaps something unexpected comes up which means we throw together a quick beans-on-toast and leave the fancy-salad dish 'til later in the week.

Of course, then the problem is that by the time I get around to pulling those vegetables and/or salad ingredients out of the fridge they're a little worse for wear. And I really hate wasting food.

So when the kind folks at Howard's Storage World asked if I'd be interested in test-driving some Oxo Greensaver Produce Keepers I jumped at the chance.

Initially I thought that these would be similar to the open/closed vent storage containers from a well known brand that I already had and use with some success for my celery and lettuce, but these clever little containers have a couple of big differences.
Firstly, they have a basket inside that keeps your produce from touching the outside of the container. This is to stop moisture from touching your veg and making them rot.

Secondly, they have a replaceable activated carbon filter (all natural - made from coconut husks) that absorbs the ethylene gas given off by fruits and vegetables which causes them to over-ripen. 

Then you have an open/closed vent system depending on what you're storing. There's a key in the lid of each container to show you which "breather" your particular produce is. Video here.

You can even get a filter that sits inside your fridge's produce drawer...

So last week I picked up a few items that always end up liquefying in my fridge:
* green beans -because I rarely find good ones here in Darwin and if I do they have to be used the same day,
* zucchini - because I always find excuses not to make zoodles and eat triple-cream brie instead!
*strawberries - because unless I let the kids eat three punnets all in one day they last three days max.

Then I put these Produce Keepers to the test.


We used half the beans on day five and they were as fresh as the day of purchase. The other half are still in their container in the fridge and looking just as good one week after I bought them.

One of the zucchinis had a bit of mould on it. I think that was because I had it touching the lid and some moisture had built up on the lid - next time I'll try not to overfill the container. (I had high hopes for daily running and zucchini noodles this week - Ha! Now where'd I put that cheese knife?)

The strawberries were perfect and the last of them got eaten yesterday - six days after I bought them!

These containers will definitely be changing the amount of food we throw out and saving us money in the process. Win win.

So, tell me, what usually dies a horrible death in the back of your fridge?  

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  1. Wow - those look amazing! I've not seen anything like that here before, but I'll definitely have to keep my eye out for them!!


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