Sunday, 2 August 2015

Harry Potter's Birthday Dinner

We celebrated Harry Potter's birthday last night! 

As we've finished reading - and were about to watch - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, my goal was to recreate the banquet in the great hall that is given to welcome the students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons.
We had the house banners and suits of armour typical of Hogwarts... And, of course, we needed the goblet of fire...Then I set about making the ceiling resemble that of the great hall.

I was lucky enough to find these 'realistic wax' LED tea lights at my local hardware store. I unscrewed the battery compartment and used it to secure some fishing line, which I then sticky taped up the side and tied together on top to form a big loop.
The easiest way to make them 'float' was looping them over the blades of our (incredibly dodgy-looking, old) ceiling fan. I also wrapped a few around the down-light fittings and secured a few more with some Command picture hangers - the Velcro kind that lock together. 

Then, to make the enchanted ceiling, I added some glow-in-the-dark stars and a few gold stars from a Christmas garland that I found in the craft box. 
The table was set with golden plates and goblets and then it was time to wait for the guests.
The two big boys had spent the day fishing with their father and Grandfather, so I was really, really excited to see their faces when they walked in!

I had the candles all 'lit' and met them at the door dressed as Professor McGonagall who instructed them to bathe and change into their robes before reassembling in the Great Hall for dinner.
Not a great photo, but I sure got the reaction I was hoping for...
My photos really aren't doing it justice and make the fan look glaringly obvious, but it looked pretty magical last night.

The boys insisted we have a sorting ceremony...

And I did a bit of Transfiguration ; )
Then we sat down for dinner. I had planned to make a Bouillabaisse and "an odd sort of pale blancmange" as described in the book, but - as I thought the kids might be bringing home fish - decided to make something Bulgarian instead.
According to my research, this Mycaka is similar to Moussaka and we served it with a traditional Shopska Salad. 
For dessert I whipped up some Creme Brulee and a few meringues with the leftover egg whites.

Professor McGonagall took her role of guarding the goblet from under-age students very seriously... 
Then (after getting Rohan to sleep by pretending they were asleep!) the big boys cuddled up with us to watch the fourth movie. Which is my least favourite of the HP films- I really hate it when they change the book too much and leave favourite bits out.

Did you do anything special for Harry's birthday?


  1. You are so adorable and inspiring Sarah! My eldest is nearly old enough to start the Harry Potter series and I can't wait, I love the idea of finishing each book and then doing something special to watch the movie x

    1. Thank you, Lisa. It's pretty magical to get the share amazing books with your children. Enjoy : )

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