Friday, 29 July 2016

Good Things For Mums and Bubs

After writing this post about my pregnancy essentials, I started thinking about what a list should include were I to write an 'Essentials for a Hospital Bag' or a 'Newborn Necessities' list.

After a bit of research, I came to realise that one person's absolute essentials are very different from another's. I found some items that others swear by that, personally, I think are a complete waste of money. So, instead, I've come up with a list of things that I have used/found with some or all of my babies that I love and those things I've found this time around that I really wish I'd had before.

So if you're a new mum, a mum-to-be or needing a gift for one, I hope you find this list useful...

1. Solly Baby Wrap
I had a more structured baby carrier with Liam but it wasn't great for a newborn - too much head movement. This Solly Baby Wrap (I've got it in this gorgeous colour called Blush Swiss Dot) is just magic. Baby is held snug and I find Miss Evie falls asleep within minutes. There are a lot of wraps out there - and a fierce group of women who are passionate about baby wearing - but I liked the look of this one and can now highly recommend it.

2. Bonds Zip Wondersuits
The two-way zip makes these so much easier than snap jumpsuits in the middle of the night! I'm also a big fan of the fold over mittens and build-in feet covers. They also come in some pretty cool patterns and stripes.

3. Noc Noc Wooden Toys
These beautiful wooden toys are hand-crafted and can also be personalised. I got the mini rattle and standing rabbit for Evangeline.

4. Nappy Bin or Diaper Genie
How have I survived without one of these before?!? Especially in our hot weather! Our is by Angelcare and was $40 at Big W. The refills are $20 or four for $64. For me, life changing.

5. SRC Recovery Shorts
I've recently purchased a pair of these to help my recovery. I'm finding the additional abdominal support is helping ease the strain on my back.

6. Lactation Cookies
These pictured are from Franjos Kitchen but there are heaps of recipes online. I found a gluten-free, sugar-free one and made a big batch before baby was due. I took half with me and had hubby bring me the rest which I'd frozen a few days into my hospital stay. Compared to my other experiences nursing my babies, I think these (along with the tea - see number 8 - and the occasional bowl of porridge) really helped to bring in and sustain my supply.

7. Comfy Pyjama Pants
Comfortable, stretchy clothes are absolutely essential post-baby and it's always nice to feel pretty and stylish. Nobody does pjs like Peter Alexander. These are my favourite and were from his Mother's Day collection. They are so soft and silky - I'm living in them!

8. Lactation Tea
I'm sipping a cup of this nearly every day. Fortunately, it tastes nice cold too!
9. Night Shift Mode
Because everyone uses their phone as a clock now, right? Did you know the iPhone has a night shift mode? My phone automatically dims the screen after 9pm so that I'm not blinded during those middle of the night Pinterest sessions feeds.

10. Water Wipes
Big thanks to my Instagram friend, Lisa for putting me onto these. Chemical free and super effective. They don't dry out, either. Now available at Coles and Woolworths.

11. My Breast Friend
There are a few nursing support cushions on the market but I had one of these for Hamish and Rohan and got a new one for Evangeline too. Helped me enormously having baby up off my scar in the beginning and I just find it much more comfortable to feed with it. 

12. Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs
If you've got a regurgitator like me these burpy bibs are fantastic to throw over your shoulder. Made of the gorgeously soft muslin that Aden + Anais are famous for.

13. Baby Bee Nourishing Bath Oil
This oil from Burt's Bees makes Evie smell divine! It's hypoallergenic and just beautiful on her skin too.

14. Shea Butter Shower Cream
My sweet sister-in-law sent me a gift pack of The Body Shop's Shea Butter goodies (not knowing the shea is my absolute favourite). The travel-sized shower cream and body butter were perfect to pack in my hospital kit and the shea butter is just so lovely and nourishing. They made that first, post-cesarean, hot shower on my poor, exhausted body absolute bliss.

15. Plum Pod
The kind folks at Plum sent me one of these to try out and I just love it. I was never able to swaddle my babies properly and I'd had friends recommend 'Woombies' and other swaddle sleeping bags. 

What I like about the Plum Pod is the super soft bamboo, the two way zip and the extra room in hips (which is the current criticism about swaddling babies ans is what is found with the Woombie). Evie seems to have plenty of room to move her arms around but it's snug enough that the startle reflex doesn't wake her, nor can the fabric go over her head (which blanket wraps always did with my other bubs). 

My only complaint is that they take forever to dry - even in our heat - and they can't be tumble dried (I was naughty and tried it and there's a bit of pilling between the layers now - oops). For this reason I bought a second one, but then I think that's a pretty good rule with all baby bedding: Have at least two of everything!  

Okay, so that's my list. I'd love to know if you've used/are using something that you'd consider to be absolutely essential. Share the love below, Mamas (and Papas)!

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