Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A Justice League Birthday Party for Two

So back in April we had a birthday party for Liam and Hamish. And in keeping with my slack-blogger-ness, here it is posted in August!
With the baby set to arrive only a few weeks later, we decided to keep this year's birthday celebrations simple. Okay, well as simple as this mama is capable of doing!

Firstly, they consented to have a combined party to make less work for me and, with all the excitement around the new Batman v. Superman movie, they easily agreed on a Justice League theme.

I just loved how well these invitations turned out! Yay for Pinterest inspiration!

Secondly, we hired a venue. As we can never be sure an April party won't experience torrential rain or ridiculous heat we chose to have this one at an indoor play centre.
I usually find these places insanely noisy, so we paid a bit extra to have the place to ourselves. This also helped with the numbers required for a combined party. Hiring a venue also meant limited set up and no clean up. Win! 

The boys had a blast catching up with all their friends, some of whom we hadn't seen since we started homeschooling.
We asked everyone to come dressed as a superhero or in their favourite superhero T-shirt. Liam's awesome Green Arrow costume was made by my amazing mum. Hamish went as General Zod because, for some reason, this kid has a soft spot for the bad guys!
How ridiculously adorable is Rohan as The Flash? Oh, my heart!
Because I like to have the food in keeping with the theme - and am not a huge fan of the party food they usually have at these venues - I did make it all myself. (This also means I can make things gluten free so I get to eat too!) I was, however, determined to keep the food really simple and easy to prepare and transport.

Loving my Baby Daddy in his Superman shirt. I had to skip the costume. For some reason my Wonder Woman outfit didn't fit- Lol! All the kids seemed to enjoy the food, though...
Marshmallow pops are so easy to make! I made some with The Flash symbol...
...and some for Green Lantern. I wrapped florist's oasis in gift wrap as a stand.
I found these long sweets and turned the yellow ones into Wonder Woman's golden lassos...
I found these wrappers and toppers in a pack at a party store when I got the plates, cups and napkins which made Superman cupcakes super easy too...
To add a few healthy touches we had themed fruit kebabs...
...and Green Arrow's quivers. Green Lantern's power rings and a few bowls of chips helped fill bellies too.
I didn't manage to get a shot of the Superman jellies before they were devoured, but here's my cute seven year old enjoying his (and look at the size of my belly in the background!)...
The mini hot dogs - with gun for tomato sauce application - were a hit too...

I can't believe my first born is ten! This kid is the most amazing and challenging combination of kind-heart, complicated brain and fierce sense of justice. He pushes me every day to be the kind of parent I want to be - and forgives me when I fail.
I love this picture of Rohan. I'm almost sure he ate that entire stand of cupcakes himself!
I kept the birthday cakes pretty simple too. Just store-bought fondant over a simple square cake (trimmed for Superman)...

After the kids had finished eating and run themselves to exhaustion we took turns singing Happy Birthday. First to Liam, who was ten on the first... Then to Hamish who was seven on the seventh...
This guy is the sweetest. And I'm really enjoying him at this age. So thoughtful and cuddly. He loves completely, feels deeply and is finding his own place in our crazy, expanding family!
If you're thinking these take home bags look familiar, you'd be right! I made these for Hamish's Avengers party last year. I did them again because, hello! cute! They're also pretty easy but look like they're a lot of work...
No photo of the treats inside, though, as I made the boys fill them half an hour before the party started while I ran around the house freaking out that we were "totally running out of time"! I just hope everyone got roughly the same collection of lollies and random bits of superhero plastic toys! 

Did you see Batman v. Superman? Lots of mixed reviews. Wonder Woman was definitely the best thing in it, though. Loved her!


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