Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Ten For Tuesday - Festive Edition

I've written so many blog posts in the last three months. 

In my head. 

Sadly - and mainly due to a seemingly never-ending spate of family illnesses - they've never actually made the transformation to typed word, let alone made it onto the blog. BUT, I really really hate that none of the fun things we did last Christmas were shared here* - my little space on the internet where my memories are held safe enabling me to take a stroll through them whenever I want. Sigh.

SO, I'm using this (rare) baby nap time to get ten of my favourite pics from the last two weeks up here because joy and merry and bright and twinkle! And even though I curse myself at eleven o'clock every night when I'm still baking, crafting or creating, I know that before long these little gifts of mine will be all grown up and too big for the magic of this glorious season.

My ten this Tuesday...

1. Scout's back! He's upped his Hot Chocolate game since the last time too. | 2. He has great taste in PJs too. Love Peter Alexander. | 3. And this festive Memory game made with our Instagram photos is just bursting with joyful christmas' past. | 4. Lots of awesome advent activities happening too. Gluten free gingerbread worked out okay. The boys had fun decorating it with lots of things I can't eat, though! | 5. We camped out under the Christmas tree and watched The Polar Express. Cranky baby went to bed, though.
6. We had a little Cookie Decorating Party. The boys got to invite one friend each and it was so much fun! | 7. Making snowy terrarium scenes and pretending it's not 36'C and 90% humidity outside! | 8. All the heart eyes for my Santa Baby xx | 9. Snapped this pic of Evie with Rohan and instantly thought of... | 10. ...this pic of Hamish and Liam. Seven years ago. Same Santa suit!
*In saying that I did at least Instagram last year and you can see all our past Advent Activities at #sahtadvent and Scout's antics at #sahtelf.

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