Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Ten for Tuesday

Happy New Year!

I'm getting my first post of the year in just this side of February - which is unsurprising given my recent blogging record but also just staggering that we are a whole month into this new year already.

We have had an amazing summer holiday break. It's been an interesting balance between doing lots of hard work around the house and having heaps of fun-filled family moments. Here are a ten of them...

1. Evangeline had a wonderful first Christmas and seemed quite excited about the whole thing. It was great to have both of our Mums here too. | 2. We celebrated Rohan's 5th birthday with a little Milk & Cookies themed afternoon tea with a few friends. More pics soon. | 3. We made a Holiday Bucket List and started ticking off some fun! Like ten pin bowling... | 4. ...taking this guy on the big slides at the waterpark because he's tall enough now. | 5. ...and we did some marshmallow construction that Liam read about. We made some cool three dimensional shapes which was educational fun but for them it was more about getting to eat a whole packet of marshmallows when they were done!
6. We've been cleaning, painting, doing up our outdoor entertaining area and getting ready for a pool!!! So excited! Will share some more pics of that soon too. | 7. Play time with baby girl is getting more interesting as she grows. Not at all interested in lying, rolling or crawling, though. | 8. Trying out Darwin's new trampoline place. | 9. The boys planned their own outing. Took care of all the details themselves. We went to the zoo... | 10. ...and the video arcade. I'm so proud of them and we had such a great day.

Do you have much time off over Christmas? If so, how were your school holidays? Did you do anything adventurous?

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