Monday, 27 March 2017

A Fifth Birthday Milk and Cookies Party

"Lucky" for me and my little blog here, I injured my foot on the weekend so I am unable to much more than things-you-can-do-while-sitting. Like blogging - win!

I thought it best, as we head into the busy birthday season that is April, to finally share the sweet details from Rohan's Milk and Cookies party - from December! I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record but a) I'm a dreadfully slack blogger and b) how is it nearly April already?

Yep, my darling littlest boy turned the big 5 right after Christmas and started full time school at the beginning of this year. Honestly, where does the time go?

As has been our custom, we take down all our festive d├ęcor except maybe the tree/s and make the day all about him. Like his previous parties (when he turned two and three), we kept it simple - because who needs much ado just after Christmas? He invited a few friends for a little afternoon tea and play.

Food wise this was the easiest party ever! Lots and lots of cookies...

 I did try to mix things up with some Choc Chip Cupcakes...

and some S'more pops...
We set up a milk bar too, 'cos you can't eat a cookie without a glass of milk.
Rohan invited some of the lovely friends he made at preschool last year...

And we had Grandma, two big brothers and a little sister to join the fun too. Hamish has had his haircut recently and I can't get over how different he looked back then. Also, so many heart eyes for Daddy with his daughter.
A rainy, overcast day meant indoor play. Lego, Duplo and Magnatiles are always winners...
And then there's the cake! I've made this one before - for Michael's 18th birthday - and it is just so, so good. Donna Hay's Cookies and Cream cake. Yum! Happy birthday, Beautiful boy!
We sent our friends home with a few little treats, and as many leftover cookies as they could carry! Slight sugar overload.
Now, I really must try to blog more often. I have a whole list of things I haven't shared in the last two years. I haven't even posted about Rohan's 4th birthday which we celebrated while on holidays in Brisbane. And though I'm pleased to have an excuse to rest for a bit, I am however hoping this foot heals itself soon - we've got three birthdays and Easter coming up!

Tell me, have you ever been on crutches? If so, please share the secret because I feel so totally uncoordinated on them I'm hobbling around holding onto furniture instead.


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