Thursday, 9 November 2017

An Eleventh Birthday Flipout Party

Liam turned 11 ... in April!   
I make frequent comments every time I do post about being the World's Slackest Blogger but really I think I've just fallen out of the habit. It takes time and persistence to ensure you carve out a part of your busy life for a new task until it becomes routine and I think with the addition of homeschooling, a new baby and then homeschooling again blogging just got pushed down the list. Way down the list!

Lately I've found myself scrolling through my blog archives to look for specific events to show the boys or to remind myself of things that we've done. It's made me realise just how much I love this little space and the memories we share here.

So, I'm sharing some photos from Liam's 11th birthday now - seven months later - because these days are so special to me and these posts deserve my time. Mopping the floor can wait a little longer.

We had talked about having a party at home with our new swimming pool, but with all the rain we had the pool only went in at the beginning of March (and the pool surrounds are still being completed as I type this!). Liam decided instead to have a party at Flipout - a new trampolining place that opened at the end of last year.
The beauty of Flipout parties is that they make you a digital invite to email, you get an hour of jumping and they provide food and cake for after. Then you walk out without cleaning a thing! Wonderful!

Liam had a great time hanging out with his friends. Catching up with good mates from his old school and spending time with new friends from his new school. Some of these boys have been his closest friends since preschool. He's a lucky kid.

This guy. He challenges me in so many ways - perhaps because we're so alike - but I am so proud of the young man he is growing into.

Happy Birthday, Liam. We love you!


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