A Review of “Baal” [by Robert McCammon]. When I discovered Stephen King in the summer of , I quickly became obsessed by the man’s. McCammon’s new novel The Border is out very soon from Subterranean Press, but here’s where it all began back in ; Baal is a very. Robert Rick McCammon (born July 17, ) is an American novelist from Birmingham, However, Baal, Bethany’s Sin, The Night Boat, and They Thirst were recently re-released by Subterranean Press as limited edition novels. In a

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Most of the way through Mister Slaughter, and it’s excellent. The Last Ranger 6: The first two baaal are excellent, with the first part echoing such classic horror as The Omen or Rosemary’s Baby. It’s one of the best books I have ever read. I cant say enough about this work mccwmmon this author but these truthful words: You know … in case you wanted to wait.

Later, she gets pregnant by her husband and gives birth to an obviously evil baby boy. He takes a good long while to get to the point of a scene which slows down a lot of the mdcammon I admit here to not having yet read Intensity and even King pointed out he over-moralizes a lot in his fiction, letting the message dictate the events of his stories. Baall of cool visuals throughout, as well. Zark, the shaman; Virga, the aging professor of theology; and Michael, the powerful, mysterious stranger.

The arctic landscape pictured here makes you shiver and your hands go numb as you follow the characters chasing Baal.

Robert R. McCammon’s BAAL

Johnny LaRue’s Crane Rkbert. Halloween 2 months ago. But, glad I read it! When the father tries to drown the titular demon-to-be, the mother kills him. Like Dean KoontzMcCammon for a while refused to let his first novels up to and including They Thirst be republished because, while not disliking the books, he did not feel that they were up to the standards of his later works. As many other reviewers have pointed out, McCammon had not yet really mccammonn his stride as an author, but you can see him getting there.


Robert McCammon » McCammon: Baal Cover Gallery

Thank God I didn’t or I would have missed out on some great books. He especially excelled with convincing dialogue, especially when Baal either speaks or bellows. Not at all bad for a first novel. It’s not new, but as far as these types of Reading the two-page afterword that followed this book, I learned that Robert McCammon considers this his “Angry Young Man novel”, and that this was his first full-length publication.

He finds a helping hand in Michaelwho seems to know a thing or two about what’s going on. This is the story of an incarnated demon who drives ordinary people to horrific violence and plans to usher in the end of the world.

mccmamon This was McCammon’s first book and you can see how much he has grown since then. Baal is my favorite paperback book of all-time. For me, it was a total fail. If this reminds you at all of The Omenit’s probably robertt accident; but McCammon delivers a few scenes that are as good as anything in that semi-classic Richard Donner movie, and the stories diverge radically after the basic demon-baby plotline.

Ultimately, though, I decided to just go ahead and do it. Mccammom to say, the narrative of BAAL, moves swiftly and didn’t lag as the story moves from the Middle East to the frigid Arctic, as those intrepid few attempt to thwart Baal before his power grows too large for any mortal to stop.


I watched the man, and I created the character of Virga in his image. The Devil’s Justice 5 months ago.

That’s a demerit, too, but one that is wrapped inside a plus: The chapters are a lot shorter than his other books, which I appreciated. The State of the Blog 13 hours ago.

Rough Edges: Forgotten Books: Baal – Robert R. McCammon

The book is well written, though from the beginning I feared I was reading an “Omen” rip off. Writing the Range with The Range Writer. After a fake assassination attempt, Baal disappears, and Virga and Michael track him to Greenland for the final act.

He is, without a doubt, my favorite author that ever put ink to paper. I never knew the priest’s name, but I have his face in my mind.

Baal is nowhere as well-developed or evenly told as, for instance my favourite They Thirstbut it has its merits. Michael’s secret should have been offered much sooner, because it was poorly hidden and would have enriched the storyline. I say “arguably” because it’s possible to see Baal himself as the novel’s main character, in which case he’s there from nearly the beginning.

I feel bad for writing this review.