Common name: Honey Suckle Mistletoe, Neem mistletoe • Hindi: बंदा Banda, बंदा पाठा Banda Patha • Marathi: वंदा Vanda, बंदगुल Bandgul • Tamil. M Dendrophthoe falcata (L.f.) Ettingsh. is an accepted name. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Dendrophthoe (family Loranthaceae). Distribution. “Found in foothill scrub jungles and deciduous forests from plains to m. Common. India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indo-China and Australia.”.

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It was also found that stems of D. Thus it get attached to the branch and germinate in the bark. Ascorbic acid Positive control. User specific search options User.

This is a record that purple-sunbird visits this plant for nectar. After successive fractionation using n -hexane, chloroform, and ethyl acetate solvents, groups of soluble compounds according to falczta polarity of each solvent should result.

Dendrophthoe falcata (L.f.) Ettingsh. — The Plant List

Screening of antimicrobial activity of crude ethanol extract and the fraction of stem bark from D. Very common parasitic plant on Guava, Sapota.

Powered by the open source Biodiversity Informatics Platform. Ovary mm long.

D falcata on Bottle brush Tree from Panipat roadside area. Copy the following to cite this URL: The ethanol extract was subsequently partitioned successively using n-hexane, chloroform, and ethyl acetate.

This is the “real” Dendrophthoe falcataparastic on Annona squamosa. Petiole distinct, 0 Overview Overview Diagnostic Diagnostic Keys.

The angiosperms diversity was studied in Doaba region of Punjab, India. Black mildews of Kodagu, Karnataka, India Desc: Loranthus – indiantreepix Google Groups. It is not a highly technical research publication. The systematic survey of the foliicolous fungi of Kodagu was initiated by one of the authors VBH This is Dendrophthoe falcata of Loranthaceae family.


Corolla tube pink, 2. In another instance Cuscuta reflexa has been shown to act as a rival to the leafy mistletoe Nath and Indira, The results of this study show that the stem bark of D. At the moment reports say that it has around plant hosts.

Sorry for the poor quality of images but it was very high up on the tree.

Yes it is a stem parasitic plant. Glabrous except for the young shoots, inflorescences and flowers especially the calyces sparsely to densely white- or brown-tomentose.

Here in Pantnagar Uttarakhand flowers are bright red and yellow and bloom in winters, thus attract large numbers of pollinator birds.

The whole plant of D. This indicates that the extract and its fractions exhibit activity as antimicrobial agent, although not as good as chloramphenicol. It is unknown about what factors decide formation of different haustorial types by the leafy mistletoe on different hosts.

Does not include altitudinal distribution, which is covered under Habitat. Very good set of Pics Parasitic on Mangifera indica, Premna latifolia, Hydnocarpus kurzii, Terminalai chebula. Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification. Negative to your question.

I have never seen flowering on this parasite in Panipat. Xendrophthoe The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you. The quantitative analysis of the total phenolic content of each extract and fractions were determined using the folin-ciocalteu reagent The haustorial connections of the parasite with the plant are devoid of any denddrophthoe retranslocation system Smith and Stewart, I am very glad to share with you a good news that the canopy research work that I have done in Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu has been published as a chapter entitled ” Mistletoes in the Wet Forest Canopies: The exceptional biological and geographical situation supposedly represented by Dendrophthoe falcata sens.


Dendrophthoe falcata var. falcata | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

Demography and Conservation Demography and Conservation. Is it because of this parasite? I found these flowers under a very big tree 60 ftthought these fell from that tree, but as i searched the net i found these are something like Loranthus longiflorus Desr.

According dendrophtthoe Gamble, the plant that I studied was D. Phenolic compounds generally exhibit antioxidant activity, therefore the antioxidant activity of chloroform and ethyl acetate fractions with IC 50 shows very active, although relatively less active than ascorbic acid positive control.

India Biodiversity Portal

Send a request for permission. Further distributed to northern Australia and as far as India. Yesterday I spotted this at a lower level and was very happy to see this flower.

This loranthus sp was photographed on a wild tree at Pune. Found this plant yesterday. I have noticed that Dendrophthoe is the current accepted name of Loranthus. On the cauliflorous mode of flowering cauliflory in Dendrophthoe falcata Lf Ettingsh Dendrophfhoe. Sending a photograph recorded today.