Development of Underdevelopment or Underdevelopment of Development in China. ANDRE GUNDER FRANK. University of East Anglia. These comments are . The Development of Underdevelopment Andre Gunder Frank. Abstract. We cannot hope to formulate adequate development theory and. Frank, Andre Gunder (a) World Accumulation, New York: ( ) “The sociology of development and the underdevelopment of sociology.

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Marta died in Amsterdam in June His current research centres on rural poverty in Latin America.

Be that as it may, the revolutionary upheavals in Latin America and elsewhere at that time certainly influenced him. For Frank those linkages between the developed and underdeveloped countries were not the solution but the problem, per- petuating the underdevelopment of the latter. Development and Underdevelopmeng 36 6: He produced over 1, publications in 30 languages. He is also well known for suggesting that purely underdevelopjent oriented solutions to development create imbalances detrimental to poor countries.

Many of these social movements are more defensive than offensive. His second wife was sociologist Nancy Howell, a friend for forty years: Thus he turned moderniza- tion theory on its head and opened the way for new analyses of the relationships between developed and underdeveloped countries. He was married to Marta Fuenteswith whom he wrote several studies about social movements, and with Marta he had two sons.


Andre Gunder Frank – Wikipedia

Anddre using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He had a fertile, incisive and critical mind. These essays were written to contribute to the revolution in Latin America and the world, and they are collected here in the hope that they may help others to contribute more to the revolution than the author has been able to.

From the ‘Development of Underdevelopment’ to the ‘World System. His work in the s focused on world history. Most staff went into exile, some for the second or even third time in their lives. To be practical we should look to see where the action is.

Institute of Social Studies While at Amsterdam he was invited on more than one occasion to give a seminar at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague.

Andre Gunder Frank

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On his travels through Latin America, fran visits to Cuba, he met and interacted with key social scientists and political personalities. What has changed is my belief, which was largely implicit in the idea of dependence, that a state of independence, or at least non-dependence, could be achieved through de-linking from the world economy through concerted political actions in the Third World countries or regions.

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Global Economy in the Asian Age. Frank was a prolific author, writing 40 books. Where is the action today? Help Center Find new research papers in: His critical thinking appealed in particular to radical students, to all those inspired by the Cuban revolution and to liberation movements in the Unrerdevelopment World.

Frank wrote widely on the economic, social and political history and contemporary development of the world system, the industrially developed countries, and especially of the Third World and Underdevelopmdnt America. He was a most prolific and polemical social scientist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See, for example, Laclau and Marini Each has no power on its own, but an army of termites is often able to completely eat through the essential structure of a building 3.

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