GenPro 20e SQB GSM Modem Entirely dedicated to the wireless markets throughout the world, the GenPro 20e SQB allows a simple and rapid integration of. With the EGM development environment, it is possible to adapt the software for own applicationes. Modem. GenPro 20e. GenPro 24e. GenPro 54e. GenPro 30e. Band (/// MHz) connectivity into M2M applications. The GenPro 20e SQB is accessible by AT commands and is equipped with a RS serial.

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The grnpro support for Open AT development is also available please consult us. JS Local Storage – restricted. Memory Limit Download – restricted. Is the modem registered on the network? On the box label, the presence of the WD mark allows to identify Modems GenPro integrating this hardware feature. Markup WML1 – restricted. Units Loud Speaker output current max.


Products DeviceAtlas overview Get an overview of our technology. SIM Slots – restricted.

JS Support Event Listener – restricted. Enterprise High performance local version of DeviceAtlas. The browser supports inline SVG.

User Guide GenPro 20e GenPro 24e |

The RF performances for receiver and transmitter are given in the table below. Verify the network registration status. The device is a television. This signal must only be used in a case of emergency. The characteristics of the different GenPro are shown in the Product Differences table.

OS Proprietary – restricted. Check the GSM antenna installation see chapter 8. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Touch events.

RCS – restricted. OS Rim – restricted. The total number of addressable pixels in the vertical direction of a rectangular display when held in its default orientation. Size of a SIM card supported by a device.

It is therefore advisable to make this test with the SIM card present. They are ESD protected. LTE Category – restricted.


GenPro 20e GenPro 24e Complies with: JS Support Console Log – restricted. The amount of memory allocated to RAM as reported by manufacturer. The GSM modem is physically connected to a site and it is not possible to be easily moved genoro another site. When the value is 0 the duration is infinite. AMR – restricted.

Device Data

Is Games Console – restricted. The user has only 3 attempts to enter the PIN code. Indicates whether the device supports geenpro DeviceAtlas ClientSide component. Device Pixel Ratio – restricted. OS Family – restricted. The frequency, gain and duration of the tone may be specified: It is not impermeable.