Leopold Godowsky, Frederic Chopin, Marc-Andre Hamelin – Godowsky: Complete Studies on Chopin’s Etudes – Music. Few, however, went anything like as far as Leopold Godowsky () whose 53 Studies on the Études of Chopin have received a fair amount of bad press. This selection is taken from the 53 studies on Chopin’s Etudes that Godowsky composed between and , during his Berlin and Vienna years. They are.

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What makes this DVD such an enjoyable experience is what Stanhope has to say to camera about the music. A simple experiment, though, will suffice: Chopin provides no pedal markings, but careful use of pedal is essential. None, certainly, who had received such little formal training.

Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music. It is impossible to think of another living pianist who could have carried off this enterprise with comparable success. It was rather an undulation of the A flat major chord, here and there thrown aloft anew by the pedal. I found that concentration on his hands, the letterbox style of presenting it, and the silly and unmotivated criss-crossing from left-end views of his hands to right-end views of his hands both unnecessary and, in a certain sense, disrespectful of him as an artist.

Godowsky Studies on Chopin Etudes

Asks the right hand to play a legato melody and stacatto accompaniment the latter augmented by the left hand simultaneously a procedure which Robert Collet claims originated with Weber. But it would be an error to think that Chopin permitted every one of the small notes to be distinctly heard.


This was republished with nine others godowaky by Schirmer: And who else could do so with godowsiy consummate artistry? James Huneker asked, “Were ever Beauty and Duty so mated in double harness?

Hamelin delivers on every level: Assuming you can find it that is: The site is also available in several languages. Having made Chicago his home fromfor the next decade he combined a struggling concert career with that of a successful teacher.

This is the third complete set to appear on record. A study in right-hand triplets.

Jede einzelne dieser Studien kann zum Beispiel zwei oder sogar drei kontrapunktische Linien zusammen ansetzen, deren jede einen eigenen Charakter hat und die klare Differenzierung erfordern. With the exception of the music of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji, I know of no segment of the repertoire to have achieved such a legendary status, and even a casual perusal of the scores will help understand why.

Indeed, the Godowsky etudes have the express intention of demonstrating that the chopn hand could do as much as the right hand could, to the extent of transcribing entire etudes solely for the left hand.

James Huneker writes, “Here is the new technique in all its nakedness, new in the sense of figure, design, pattern, web, new in a harmonic way. It is worth quoting at length: Leopold Godowsky Composer Ian Hobson pf.

Leopold Godowsky: 53 Studies on Chopin’s Études

It takes careful tonal balance and phrasing to give the melody its due while maintaining smooth rapid arpeggiation of godowsy chords that compose it. In a midsection and at the coda, both hands play semiquaver figurations together. Simon Choin writes, “if still further evidence were needed of his exceptional pianistic insight, Chopin provides it at the end: The original Chopin Studies remain as intact as they were before any arrangements of them were published; in fact, numerous artists claim that after assiduously studying my versions, many hidden beauties in the original Studies will reveal themselves to the observant student.


Hamelin’s may not be the only way to play these studies but, until a pianist with a similarly transcendental technique and equal musicianship records them – and that, I’d chppin, could be some considerable time – this is without doubt the set to have.

Studies on Chopin’s Études – Wikipedia

Whether the genre-bending nature of this production really works is, I suspect, a matter of who you are as an audience. Carlo Grante’s set on Altarus what I’ve heard of it is very good, and perhaps slightly better recorded than Hamelin’s, but comes on three rather than two discs, and is also harder to find.

Not only does Hamelin have the “chops” he has been including various of the studies in his recitals both programmed and as encores for years now and it shows.

Frederic Chopin, one of two extant photos.

TEN: Chopin Etudes Op. 10 and Godowsky, Studies on Chopin’s Etudes Op. 10

I suppose this music is not for everybody; there will undoubtedly be those whose first, second and indeed last reaction will be “sacrilege! The top notes form a melodic line. But for anyone who can break out of the “purist” mentality, this set contains some simply magnificent pianism and reveals Godowsky’s studies to be worthy of performance in their own right as wonderfmusic.