HAZID WORKSHEET. Project: ANOA PHASE 4 – AGX COMPRESSION RECONFIGURATION PROJECT Node Description: DLB Activities in the vicinity and. As a result of the HAZID, 80 identified hazards in total were .. the workshop were also recorded relevantly in the HAZID worksheet by an. The HAZID study achieved its aim of identifying the nature and scale of hazards that Attachments: Power Plant Risk Register Spreadsheet.

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Typical problems could be wind tunnelling between tall structures, or vortex shedding from upwind facilities. For design purposes, this has been the practice internationally, and in the UKto use piecewise linear spectra based on a median-plus-standard deviation level of conservatism.

Single failure criterion Safety systems required in response to any annual probability of exceedance external hazard should comply with the single failure criterion. However, if this approach is adopted, the assessor should ensure that the hazard definition is reasonable for the more remote levels and that relevant equipment responses are reasonable, i. By its very nature the definition of the flooding hazard at small annual probabilities of exceedance will be subject to significant uncertainty and it must be assumed that the natural phenomena which can be the cause of flooding may occur together.

As with the other environmental hazards it is important to ensure that the most up-to-date information available for a specific site is used in the hazard assessment.

Further guidance is available from the IAEA. To resolve, click “Enable Content”. The procedure of hazard identification is broken down and categorised into the two streams that can affect the system both directly and indirectly, and is referred to as Internal Hazards and External Hazards.

It has previously been accepted that one satisfactory approach to the demonstration of absence of an adverse cliff edge effect is via the PSA.


Impacts and Shock loading This can be due to external explosions and overpressures giving rise to shock loading and drop loads or impacts due to facility collapse, which may include cranes, building structures and systems.

Any structure which is shown to be vulnerable to wind loading should be considered from this point of view and in addition the potential for damage from windborne missiles must be considered. It should also be borne in mind that forecast climate change is likely to have an impact on many of the external hazards addressed here. There may be more than one way in which this can be achieved. For other hazards, such as seismicity, the forces acting on the installation will continue to increase progressively with increasing size or proximity of the event.

In such cases, it needs to be shown that there is a reasonable margin between the design basis and the point at which this step change would occur. Further details of a particular method are published by the IAEA see below The estimated aircraft crash frequency may seek to take into account any flying restrictions which may apply to the site. July 8, at 3: Licensees, any particular application should be assessed to ensure that there are no plant specific, i.

It has also been demonstrated in numerous earthquakes that structural ductility is very desirable. Hydrogen Production By Steam Reforming.

Flooding Most UK nuclear facilities are potentially subject to flooding both by extreme precipitation directly onto the site, and indirectly from rivers and the sea. More recently uniform hazard spectra UHS have also been woeksheet.

For these reasons, aircraft are often grouped into a small number of types – eg large yazid aircraft, light aircraft and military aircraft – to facilitate the analysis. Feedjit Live Blog Stats. It can be assumed that there will be at least several hours notice of extreme conditions developing, and often several days.

HAZID – HAzard IDentification Studies

Alternatively, the worksheef for new design is increasingly to show that the plant will accommodate the seismic forces through a ductile response without any danger of a release of radioactivity occurring.


The assessor should establish that the potential threats are recognised by the operators and appropriate prearranged responses are embodied in operating instructions. The external hazards safety case should consider all potential sources of external missiles and explosion.

For each of the hazards, a spreadsheet will be generated. Reliability, redundancy, diversity and segregation In assessing safety systems claimed to worosheet the effects of external hazards, the assessor should have due regard to Reliability, redundancy, diversity and segregation.

The hazard sheets contains four risk matrices: In the matrix, an hazard potential rating is assigned to each of the combinations of frequency and severity. External man-made sources include radar and communication systems. The extreme ambient temperature hazard is ameliorated worksheft the slow development of extreme conditions and the relatively long timescales for the plant to respond.

Doing HAZID in Excel

Aircraft crash For aircraft crash structural demand depends workshert the mass, rigidity, velocity and engine location of any aircraft assumed to impact directly or skid onto the structure, and also the angle of incidence of the impact direct or skidding.

Each of the categories has a severity and a frequency. The Licensee will also need to demonstrate that there will not be a disproportionate increase in risk from an appropriate range of events which are more severe than the design basis event.

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