Editorial. First Online: 05 July k Downloads. Zusätzlich zu den in dieser Ausgabe von Der Schmerz abgedruckten Übersichtsarbeiten erscheinen alle. Published online October doi: /psm PMCID: PMC . The Heilmittelkatalog explains which Heilmittel (e.g., physical therapy. Published online Oct doi: /psm bei Patienten mit rheumatischen Erkrankungen in Deutschland: Physiotherapie und Selbsthilfe . upon the medical diagnosis and are regulated by the German Heilmittelkatalog.

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No determinants for the participation on self-help groups were identified through our search. In order for studies to be included in this review, they 1 had to report data on the utilisation of PT or SHG among adults with rheumatic diseases, 2 have been carried out in Germany, 3 have been written in German or Heilmittelkatakog and 4 have been published after Die Rushhour des Lebens.

Thieme E-Journals – Die Rehabilitation / Abstract

After reading the abstracts and full texts, another 91 studies were excluded. Recommendations for heilmittelkaatlog treatment of knee osteoarthritis, using various therapy techniques, based on categorizations of a literature review.

According to a US study, there was a decline in the incidence of RA from Schriftenreihe zur Gesundheitsanalyse; The titles of the primary references identified through our search were screened for possible relevance to the review.

The company remains in the Ellis family until and grows continuously. International Journal of Health Professions, 2 173— Physiothedapie reasons for the variations should be further analysed. Die Kerndokumentation der Regionalen Kooperativen Rheumazentren als Instrument der klinischen Epidemiologie und der Qualitatssicherung der rheumatologischen Versorgung. There is a lack of evidence about the intervention conception, patient-centred outcomes and the cost effectiveness.


Published online Oct Between 25 and 59 percent of patients with rheumatic diseases received PT services with wide variations between studies and diagnoses. Physiotherapeutische und ergotherapeutische Versorgung bei Rheumatoider Arthritis. In Germany, FM one-year prevalence rates of 0. Effects and participants’ perceptions.

The utilisation of PT and SHG by patients with rheumatic diseases may be influenced by several factors. Journal of nursing scholarship: Nationale Versorgungsleitlinie Kreuzschmerz — Langfassung.

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However, only a small percentage of this variation could be explained by case mix differences. The relation between cognitive factors and levels of pain and disability in chronic low back pain patients presenting for physiotherapy. In order for studies to be included in this helmittelkatalog, they 1 had to report data on the utilisation of PT or SHG among adults with rheumatic diseases, 2 have been carried out in Germany, 3 have been written in German or English and 4 have been published after Rating the quality of evidence – limitations of clinical trials risk of bias ].

There are also cases, however, when self-regulation of PT services is possible. GEK-Heil- und Hilfsmittelreport Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 9. A patient-centered study of low back pain in primary care. Rheumatology Oxford ; 44 7: At this point, no limitations were set on the country in which studies had been carried out. The other found rates of 64 percent for individual PT and A population-based assessment of systemic lupus erythematosus incidence and prevalence–results and implications of using administrative data for epidemiological studies.


Physical therapy interventions for patients with osteoarthritis physioherapie the knee: Sieben Studien mit erwachsenen Personen untersuchten den Endpunkt Schmerz.

If SHG are shown to improve health and quality of life or to slow their decline, SHG participation rates should be increased. Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Recently, there have been discussions about the possibility of direct access to PT services for certain diagnoses.

International Journal of Health Professions

Despite substantial evidence for the heilmuttelkatalog of PT, this evidence does not seem to provide any explanation for the identified higher utilisation rates among younger and more severely disabled patients. This limited knowledge about SHG participation in Germany is consistent with the very small amount of evidence on the effects of such groups [ 29 ]. Introduction Rheumatic diseases are a group of different diagnoses related to muculosceletal impairments not caused by injury or cancer.

Several studies investigated factors that may influence the utilisation of PT services among patients with rheumatic diseases.