In the late fourth and early fifth centuries of our era, Hypatia of Alexandria was the world’s greatest living mathematician and astronomer. A strikingly beautiful. In the introduction to this book, Michael Deakin expresses surprise that there have been so few full-length treatments of the life and work of. Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr, by Michael A. B. Deakin, , pp., hardcover, ISBN , $ Prometheus Books,

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In nineteenth century European literary authors spun the legend of Hypatia as part of neo-Hellenisma movement that romanticised ancient Greeks and their values. Who would have guessed that the greatest mathematician in the Roman Empire, lf one time, was a woman? A martyr for the intellect, one could say.

For example, Kathleen Wider proposes that the murder of Hypatia alexsndria the end of Classical antiquity[] and Stephen Greenblatt observes that her murder “effectively marked the downfall of Alexandrian intellectual life”. Quotes from Hypatia of Alexan A bit academic at Hypatia, a Greek mathematician and philosopher, she surpassed all her contemporaries. Hypatia”, A Full Moon of Women: Dec 30, Faith Justice rated it liked maathematician Shelves: Account Options Sign in.

According to Watts, however, Hypatia had no appointed successor, no spouse, and no offspring [] [] and her sudden death not only left her legacy mzthematician, but also triggered a backlash against her entire ideology.

Almost alone, virtually the last academic, she stood for the intellectual values, for rigorous mathematics, ascetic Neoplatonism, the crucial role of the mind, and the voice of temperance and moderation in civic life.

Since the late twentieth century, some portrayals have associated Hypatia’s death with the destruction of the Library of Alexandriadespite the historical fact that the library no longer existed during Hypatia’s lifetime.


The Byzantine Suda encyclopedia contains a very long entry about Hypatia, which summarizes two different accounts of her life. Despite Hypatia’s popularity, Cyril and his allies attempted to discredit her and undermine her reputation. I was hoping for more historical information regarding the circumstances of her murder at the hands of the early christian church, but again, there i. Here we are given the details of Hypatia’s mathematics; the intriguing story of Pandrosion, another woman mathematician that preceded her; a comentary on the legend of St.

Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. Sep 25, Paulina rated it liked it Shelves: Maybe one day I will come back to this, cause I do want to view Hypatia from multiple people perspective, but probably not anytime soon. Rather unsatisfying biography of Hypatia. No eBook available Amazon.

Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr

Catherine; and my personal favorite translations of the original sources. The woman and the lyre: The investigation resulted in the emperors Honorius and Theodosius II issuing an edict in autumn ofwhich attempted to remove the parabalani from Cyril’s power and instead place them under the authority alexahdria Orestes.

C rated it it was amazing May 01, But this is not for your average person. Without beating a dead mathemaatician too much, there just is not enough info.

Parsons, Reuben”St. A strikingly beautiful woman and a devoted celibate, she lived in a city as turbulent and troubled as Baghdad aoexandria Beirut is today. Jul 11, Gabrielle Birkman rated it it was amazing.

Hypatia – Wikipedia

Carneades Anc Charmadas Philo of Larissa. And he not only did this, but he drew many believers to her, and he himself received the unbelievers at his house. A bit academic at times, but not bad. Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text CS1 maint: Antiquity through the 19th century.


Hypatia [a] born c.

Michelle rated it liked it Feb 11, For as she had frequent alexandroa with Orestes, it was calumniously reported among the Christian populace that it was she who prevented Orestes from being reconciled to the bishop. You could tell he was very excited about what he was writing about, he just wasn’t very mwrtyr about putting it into book format. Sep 23, Julie added it Shelves: Her life ended tragically in violence at the hands of a rampaging mob of Christian fanatics, who killed her for her “pagan” beliefs, some say at the instigation of St.

Matheematician and MartyrAmherst, New York: In doing my original research, for my novel Selene of AlexandriaI ran across Professor Deakin and his most useful website where he posted all the primary sources that mentioned Hypatia. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource.

Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon …. At the same time, European philosophers and scientists described Hypatia as the last representative of science and free inquiry before a “long medieval decline”. Philostorgiusanother Christian historian, mathemativian was also a contemporary of Hypatia, states that she excelled her father in mathematics [46] and the lexicographer Hesychius of Alexandria records that, like her father, she was also an extraordinarily talented astronomer.