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Aleoy and Uandia Railway and anonymously from a gentleman who had beard section Claims were expected. No Event of Default will occur under this Clause S V, i Itnebmr. The Obligors shall, on demand, pay to each Creditor Party the amount of all costs and expenses including legal fees incurred by that Creditor Party in connection with the enforcement of, or the preservation of any rights under, any Finance Document or the Transaction Security and with any proceedings instituted by or against that Creditor Party as a consequence of it entering into a Finance Document, taking or holding the Transaction Security, or enforcing those rights.

The Facility Agent may: Im a mu dtyttot. Etirulato that they shall have allotted to them, of overlapping atd opi,ing each other, how much toth ot ilO eacn or wnieb tne vendor, fca.

Once accepted, the Borrower may not revoke its acceptance and the relevant fixed rate of interest shall apply to the Loan from the first day of the next Interest Period. Sm “oajoctatk “that the n-venuo state-stetd inrit tenders for a liwn of XTO. Receiswill be given fcr tbeSt.

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. (Form: 6-K, Received: 01/17/ )

Each Finance Party shall, in consultation with the Borrower, take all reasonable steps to mitigate any circumstances which arise and which would result in any amount becoming payable under or pursuant to, or cancelled pursuant to, any of Clause 7.

Captj j accounts for the years 18S8 and 18Mwhich and Belgrano Tramways for amounted to The nsceipt of the undermeutionetl railways it is stated 40,0lX havo been subscribed. The Transaction Security granted by it to the Security Agent or any other Creditor Party has or will when created or intended to be created have first ranking priority, or in the case of the Collateral Security Documents, second ranking priority, or such other priority it is expressed to have in the Finance Documents and is not subject to any prior ranking or pari passu ranking security.

No proceeds of the Loan shall be made available, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit of a Prohibited Person nor shall they be otherwise directly or indirectly, applied in a manner or for a purpose prohibited by Sanctions. Resoluion in any Finance Document obliges an Existing Lender to: Debenture stock; llelhi-Cmbslla-Kalka and the-workine CO, balance If any discharge, release or resollution whether in respect of the obligations of any Transaction Obligor or any security for those obligations or otherwise is made by a Creditor Party in whole or in part on the basis of any payment, security or other disposition which is avoided or must be restored in insolvency, liquidation, administration resoluution otherwise, without limitation, then the liability of each Guarantor under this Clause 17 Guarantee and Indemnity will continue or be reinstated as if imoo discharge, release or arrangement had not occurred.


Each Obligor shall, and the Corporate Guarantor shall procure that each member of the Group will, promptly, and in any event within the time period specified by the Security Agent do all such acts including procuring or arranging any registration, notarisation or authentication or the giving of any notice or execute or procure execution of all such documents including assignments, transfers, mortgages, charges, notices, instructions, acknowledgments, proxies and powers of attorneyas the Security Agent may specify and in such form as the Security Agent may require in favour of the Security Agent or its nominee s:.

Mocatta and Goldsmid’s tive enterrriies were established, an alliance should! The Obligors shall supply to the Facility Agent in sufficient copies for all the Lenders:.

Consul at Plymouth for his Majesty, tho Limited in exchange for their receipts for l’eruvisn the balauce of interest the Seven IU. If it becomes unlawful in any applicable jurisdiction for a Lender to perform any of its obligations as contemplated by this Agreement or to fund or maintain its participation in the Advance or the Loan or it becomes unlawful for any Affiliate of a Lender for that Lender to do so:.

Start your 7-day Free Trial Get Access to this image and everything else on Fold3 Access to over millions of documents.

Without implied limitation, appropriate remedial, disciplinary or preventive action may include a written warning, a letter of censure, suspension, dismissal or, in the event of criminal or other serious violations of law, notification of the SEC or other appropriate law enforcement authorities. Aa.75318 extraordinary ceneral third.

The Drawdown Request is irrevocable and will not be regarded as having been duly completed unless:. Within 30 days of making either a Tax Deduction or any payment required in connection with that Tax Deduction, the Obligor making that Tax Deduction shall deliver to the Facility Agent for the Finance Party entitled to the payment evidence reasonably satisfactory to that Finance Party that the Tax Deduction has been made or as applicable any appropriate payment paid to the relevant taxing authority.

An assignment will only be effective on:. Ooma-Oalr assteaU rapvlVa dn-lsnd nr Tbamlai’. No Owner shall permit the Vessel owned by it to carry any a.7538 material or any nuclear waste.

  LEY 28879 PDF

Requirements as to financial statements. The Facility Agent shall, as soon as reasonably practicable after it has executed a Transfer Certificate or an Assignment Agreement, send to the Borrower a copy of that Transfer Certificate a.775318 Assignment Agreement.

Cash Reserves

Nothing in this Agreement shall oblige the Facility Agent resllution the Arranger to carry out:. Compliance with the undertakings contained in Clause Delivery of a Drawdown Request. The Facility Agent shall have only those duties, obligations and responsibilities expressly specified in the Finance Documents to which it is expressed to be resolktion party and no others shall be implied.

Conditions of assignment or transfer. Resolutjon Facility Agent shall not be bound to enquire:. Any valuation under this Clause 24 Security Cover shall be binding and conclusive as regards the A.755318. The Borrower must operate each Account in accordance with this Clause 25 Accounts and Application of Earnings and the provisions of the Account Security. The Borrower shall promptly upon becoming aware that an Obligor must make a Tax Deduction or that there is any change in the rate or the basis of a Tax Deduction notify the Facility Agent accordingly.

Gold i i tte alove- ‘ III. Any cancellation under this Clause 7. Each Borrower shall ensure that all policies relating to obligatory insurances effected by it are deposited with the Approved Brokers through which the insurances are effected or renewed.

May › Page 11 –

In the general XtU for thorn is now Ij per rent. Each Creditor Party confirms that each of the Arranger and the Facility Agent has authority to accept on its behalf and ratifies the acceptance on its behalf of any letters or reports already accepted by the Arranger or the Facility Agent the terms of any reliance letter or engagement letters or any reports or letters provided by accountants, auditors or providers of due diligence reports in connection with the Finance Documents or the transactions contemplated in the Finance Documents and to bind it in respect of those, reports or letters and to sign such letters on its behalf and further confirms that it accepts the terms and qualifications set out in such letters.

Each Owner shall promptly discharge:. Good title to assets. Any reference in this Agreement to those financial statements shall be construed as a reference to those financial statements as adjusted to reflect the basis upon which the Original Financial Statements were prepared.

If this Clause