The ShenHe Wang permanent magnet motor-generator The Motionless Generator of Theodore Annis A Practical Guide to ‘. The Karl Schappeller Device – Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices. free. Views. 6 years ago. Karl, · Schappeller, · Device, · Practical. Schappeller made no secret of his invention and actively sought private financing that Karl Schappeller actually met with SS Reichsfueher Heinrich Himmler in.

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The Karl Schappeller Device – Free-Energy Devices – PDF Drive

Think about how we measure cold. Kaarl there is scchappeller and impolar magnetism, and we appear to require a modification, or perhaps more accurately expressed, a combination of the two. By means of such waves he professed to transmit electrical power without the employment of cables.

It is only through the efforts of “free energy devices” and free energy researchers that this knowledge is being returned to us. We know heat expands. For instance, if a disc of conducting material is held at absolute zero and the schappwller is given an electric charge, the electric current will circulate around and around the disc forever, never loosing its energy a sit would if the disc were sitting on an office desk at room temperature.

The heat stress was in a plastic condition as a slowly solidifying dielectric, and the resulting effect was the permanent electrisation of the dielectric, effecting a kind of dielectric polarization.

Will this be possible?

In the energy form or state we may assume a high “transference or conversion efficiency”. Now consider the reaction on the Rotor. Bu this action, followed by the reverse, this schappller or transpiration occasioned by mobility as we saw in the case of the sun does not happen simply because it does.


Per Vril-Mythos is a xchappeller discussion of Schappeller, his device, the history and the controversy surrounding it. This is a striking example of the Schappeller discovery shown graphically in the first of his symbols in Chapter VII, viz. These are laws of heat. For simplicity sake we will use a wood burning stove such as the type invented by Benjamin Franklin for the heating of a house.

The best illustration of this in the electrotechnique of the present day is perhaps the transformer, which actually converts volts into amps, or vice versa. Davson, visited Karl Schappeller in Austria and spent three years learning of his device and his schzppeller before the Second World War.

One was the relativism taught in schools.

Obviously, we have not the same faculties as are available in the cosmos, and so the crux of the whole problem in the Schappleler Technique is this forming of a point of inequality in the ether, under such conditions that a glowing hydrogen core, or glowing magnetism, will form as a space-form impression entity and be maintained as such. Clark has fixed the point of emission as below that of radar and above infrared at 10 to the twelfth power Hertz For purposes of production of Schappeller spheres, a complete electret manufacturing plant would have to be set up which had no parallel in present science 9.

Watson’s summary of Schappeller’s aether theory as described by Davson dovetails nicely into the ideas of Schauberger yet seems to allow for Tesla’s experimental results on aether as explained by Bill Lyne.

O Ri Karl Schappeller › Page 74 –

Certainly more proof is required before the claims made for this device or the energies involved can be wholly accepted. This is the case in all the effects cited above; but the components, and thus the products, differ in each case. This is a cold, life giving force.


Heaviside coined this new term “electrisation” to signify an internal electrical change of a material, cshappeller is quite different from superficial electrification.

If the above discussion has any meaning at all in the quest for an answer to the UFO question, one use for which the Schappeller device must have been destined was that of a power plant for a flying machine. Watson points out in his letter that one reason machines utilizing the Reverse Thermodynamic principle have not been recognized is that a cold stressed magnetic field is a cold machine.

It is a three storied ca3tle AurolzmUnster with – ” 1 25 rooms and a ground of an exftent cfi Imagine a bar magnet running through the vertical axis of the ball. From one standpoint the Stator may be regarded as a body in Space. The engine, transmission, paint, rubber, electronics, etc.

The Karl Schappeller Device – Free-Energy Devices

schappeeller This whole ball is mounted on a swivel mechanism so that the poles can be moved from the vertical to the horizontal. Suffice it to say that the principle in the design of this new plant is “transpiration” or drawing energy from the ground by producing a schapeller above the ground and then binding it as an energy sublimate to a suitable “electret material” to form the permanent magnet for our new form of field.

Exactly so, but this is merely an additive process, not a basic law; the separate candle flames are in no way essential components of the whole.