OSGi in Action: Creating Modular Applications in Java [Richard Hall, Karl Pauls, Paperback: pages; Publisher: Manning Publications; 1 edition (May 1. For online information and ordering of this and other Manning books, please visit .. When Manning sent a flattering email proposing an OSGi in Action book to. OSGi in Action: Creating Modular Applications in Java. 4 reviews. by David Savage, Stuart McCulloch, Karl Pauls, Richard Hall. Publisher: Manning Publications.

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Effective Unit Testing A guide for Java developers. Advanced topics Chapter Testing applications Chapter 8.

Benefits of using the OSGi platform.

Manning | OSGi in Action

Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Willie Wheeler with Joshua White. Layered architecture to managing bundles. About the reader This book assumes readers with a working knowledge of Java, but requires no previous exposure to OSGi.

The definitive guide to using Enterprise OSGi in the real world. OSGi in Action eBook added to cart. Web applications and web services Appendix A. Modules and information hiding. Enterprise OSGi is a set of standards for building modular Java applications which integrate seamlessly with existing Java EE actionn. Hi, I can understand why you might mqnning concerned about which book is right for you, and I’m sure that in many ways all three books would be useful to you.


OSGi in Action: Creating Modular Applications in Java

The book explains how osi take advantage of dynamism, distribution, and automatic dependency provisioning, while still integrating with existing Java EE applications. Many examples and case studies show you how to build, test, and deploy modular web applications. Most people are likely to get significant value from both books.

Anyone know if that book is still moving forward? Getting the most out of Blueprint.

The what and why of OSGi. Declarative assembly using Blueprint. Adding in your remote service using Apache CXF. Maanning Remote Services Specification. Launching and embedding an OSGi framework Using your remote application.

Event Processing in Action. The what, why, and when of services. Best practices for enterprise applications 5.

Delving deeper into modularity Part 2. Simplifying launching of the framework. OSGi in Action combo added to cart. I am looking forward to buy this book because I want to learn about OSGi. Mastering modularity Chapter 3.


As polyglot OSGi grows in popularity, however, I’m sure we will start to see more books addressing these topics. Coping with the non-OSGi world OSGi in Action provides a clear introduction to OSGi concepts with examples that are relevant both for architects and developers.

Camel in Action, Second Edition.

Manning | OSGi in Depth

A world of events 6. Evans and Martijn Verburg Foreword by Dr.

Hooking up remote systems with distributed OSGi When configuration update fails. Avoiding the dreaded class-hell problem.